Emergency Dispatch Training Programs

NORCOMM, under the supervision of its Training Manager, provides qualified personnel to staff emergency 9-1-1 dispatch services in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations of the State of Illinois, any applicable municipal ordinances, and policies and procedures of the Village.  

All personnel serve under the supervision and direction of the management staff at NORCOMM, who regularly meet with its advisory board, which is represented by Police and Fire Chiefs from NORCOMM’s client communities.

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NORCOMM090822 24

9-1-1 Dispatch Careers

The NORCOMM basic training curriculum consists of over 200 hours of training within a classroom environment that prepares the employee for a career as a 9-1-1 Telecommunicator. Our program focuses on call taking, radio dispatching, use of computer aided dispatch (CAD) system, 9-1-1 call handling equipment, radio console operations and etiquette, as well as guidelines and procedures. We also train our personnel on the policies and procedures of our client agencies. Our team specifically trains our Telecommunicators for a specific discipline, either fire service or law enforcement. The trainees are released for work duty only after passing a series of tests and quizzes.

Our training is designed to meet the best practices for training programs for Public Safety Answering Points (PSAP). Our program is also designed to meet emerging technologies and standards that are developed for the 9-1-1 industry.

Over the years, we have also dispatched our 9-1-1 professionals and equipment to support public health crises such as the COVID-19 outbreak and various natural disasters.

NORCOMM continually focuses on training for its telecommunicators and management in an effort to keep current with industry standards, best practices, and evolving technologies, in addition to continuously improving NORCOMM’s training program. NORCOMM dedicates a significant amount of money in providing external training to its employees by sending them to participate in events such as:

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NORCOMM090822 03

911 Dispatch Training

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Being a NORCOMM 9-1-1 dispatcher is an exciting and rewarding career. If you would like to learn more about our training program and the positions we offer, click the button to visit our careers page.

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