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NORCOMM090822 04

Wireless Burglar & Fire Alarm Monitoring

In addition to being the first private 9-1-1 call center in the state of IL, NORCOMM is also proud to provide the best burglar and fire alarm monitoring and installation services that the industry has to offer. 

NORMCOMM’s burglar and fire alarm monitoring technology allows for traditional phone lines to be eliminated. For years, many commercial properties have relied on phone lines to stay connected, but they are often susceptible to failure by physical damage, wind or other extreme weather events.

 In fact, since bad weather is the primary cause of fires, floods and other destructive events, it is even more important today to not depend on traditional phone lines for monitoring services.  

The state of the art wireless burglar and fire alarm services available through NORCOMM save our customers a considerable amount of money as they do not have to pay for or maintain phone lines. Additionally, a secure, radio transmission to the 9-1-1 center is more reliable and can greatly reduce the amount of false alarms generated from a facility.

Wireless Burglar & Fire Alarm Installation Services

The highly skilled and experienced team at NORCOMM also offers top quality wireless burglar & fire alarm equipment installation services. We work closely with building owners and management teams to assess their specific alarm monitoring needs, so we can create tailor-fit solutions for each one.

By installing the latest wireless alarm equipment, our customers have saved hundreds of dollars per month by eliminating the need for maintaining physical phone lines, fiber optic connections or copper based telephone circuits. When adding these expenses on to traditional monthly monitoring fees, the wireless burglar & fire alarm solutions offered by NORCOMM are much more cost efficient from both a short and long term perspective.

NORCOMM Fire Alarm Installation
NORCOMM Fire Alarm Installation

To learn more about how NORCOMM’s wireless burglar and fire alarm monitoring and installation services can benefit your business, click the button to email us!

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