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Reliable, personalized security

NORCOMM Safety and Security can provide you and your company with reliable, personalized security anywhere, at any time, with experienced, highly trained professional security personnel. 

NORCOMM Safety and Security (NSS) was founded in 2022 to meet the growing needs of businesses with their growing need for security across all levels. Through its parent companies, NORCOMM 9-1-1 and Superior Air-Ground Ambulance Service, Inc. (Superior), our organization has over 50 years of company experience to serve you. 

Founded in 1994, NORCOMM was the first private 911 call center in the state of Illinois. Today, they are one of the largest 9-1-1 privately-owned dispatching companies in Illinois due to their team of highly trained professionals incorporating state of the art technology. Because NORCOMM also offered industry leading burglar and fire alarm monitoring services, the decision to transition to NORCOMM Safety and Security was an obvious choice. 

Our goal is to provide reliable, personalized security for anyone, at any time, in any location. Call us at (630) 530-8871 or email us at for more information on how we can assist you.  


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Our services:

NORCOMM Safety and Security can provide you with: 

  • Executive protection: provide protection, risk-assessment and planning for VIP’s, dignitaries, celebrities, wealthy parties and high-risk persons. NORCOMM Safety and Security Officers are highly trained with extensive experience in executive protection, and our security officers specialized in the following disciplines: K-9, basic first aid, AED, CPR, EMT’s, Paramedics
  • Armed security: featuring certified and licensed security guards, off-duty certified police officers and fully-licensed retired police officers who are able to provide security to assets, properties, and special events. 
  • Corporate security: including risk assessment and management, full service surveillance monitoring with equipment and access control. We specialize in foot and vehicle in-person patrols including the guarding of entry points, visitor verification and loss prevention. 
  • Investigations: private, internal and background investigations of any size and scope. 
  • Training: We are highly trained and can demonstrate the needs for situational awareness, threat behavior identification, active shooter and active threat, and workplace violence prevention. 
  • Fingerprinting services: Including live scan, background, and traditional methods. 
  • Real-time crime center: We are able to assess needs, design, set up access control and install video surveillance camera operations to suit specific client needs. 
  • Live remote monitoring services: We will set up video surveillance, access control, and respond to any fire, panic or other emergency notifications necessary.  

Committed to Meeting Your Unique Needs

No two companies are alike when discussing security needs. Therefore, NORCOMM Safety and Security tailors their action plan to the needs of individualized companies. Whether its security, investigations, executive protection or remote monitoring services, NORCOMM Safety and Security will tailor plans to suit your specific needs. To discuss how we can help you, reach out to us at (630) 530-8871.    

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To discuss how we can provide you with reliable, personalized security anywhere, anytime for any reason by experienced highly-trained personnel, reach out to us at (630) 530-8871 or email us at

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