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A History of Industry
Leading Innovation

It is difficult to imagine today, but in the Chicagoland area of the 1950’s, if a person was having a medical emergency and needed to get to the hospital, there were very few transport options available to them.  Whether patients were transported by taxi cab or converted hearses operated by funeral directors, there was a great need for dependable and professional emergency transportation services. It was from these circumstances that Superior Ambulance was founded in 1959.

During the past 60+ years, Superior has established itself as an industry leader in the fields of emergency and medical transport services.

oak lawn
oak lawn

Partnership with Oak Lawn

Our company saw the need to fill another void in the 9-1-1 dispatch services marketplace when we formed  NORCOMM Public Safety Communications Inc. in 1994. NORCOMM was the first private 9-1-1 emergency dispatching center in the state of Illinois.     

For many years, the Village of Oak Lawn maintained their own in house emergency services call center, located in its Village Hall building. Not only did this facility handle all of the emergency dispatch duties for Oak Lawn, but also other neighboring communities.

As time passed, Village officials became increasingly concerned about the escalating costs of operating their 9-1-1 dispatch center. The surrounding communities that depended on Oak Lawn for these services also expressed unease with rising fees and expenses each year.  

Searching for a Solution

The Village of Oak Lawn made the bold decision to seek an external partner to help them manage and operate their 9-1-1 dispatch services. After a lengthy RFP (Request for Proposal) process with various vendors, Oak Lawn officials chose NORCOMM Public Safety Communications Inc. as their emergency dispatch services partner.  

Oak Lawn selected NORCOMM because of our outstanding reputation in the industry, vast amount of experience and proven track record of dependable performance.


A Great Relationship

Today, the state of the art 9-1-1 dispatch facility located at Oak Lawn Village Hall is staffed by NORCOMM team members and supervised by highly experienced emergency communication leaders from the Village. Not only has Oak Lawn continued to provide top quality emergency dispatch services for its residents and those of neighboring communities, but they have also found a highly cost effective solution that works for them.

Experienced NORCOMM staff leaders conduct extensive 4-6 month training sessions for their team members who are assigned to the Oak Lawn dispatch center.

The Public/Private partnership between NORCOMM and the Village of Oak Lawn has proven that this kind of operational/management model can be highly successful.  If you would like to learn more, click here.

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